Say it loud, “Bharat mata ki jai”

It’s better to say what they want you to, or else you’re gone.


With his appointment as chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Adityanath Yogi, said the protection of Cows was very significant for both his government and the BJP administration at the center. Just days after an announcement, he ordered a ban on illegal slaughter houses in his state.

Yogi believes that rural economy thrives around cows and his belief came into limelight with the several steps taken by his government to encourage Cows protection. Such efforts by the safron leader caught plenty of attention and praise from his Hindu followers on different media sites. The decision of shutting down illegal slaughter houses turned out as closure of thousands of meat shops in UP.  It wasn’t a bombshell on vegetarians but to a few hardcore non-vegetarians who cherish delicacies like tundey and gulati kababs.  The agenda of Cows protection is not confined to one state, the Maharashtra state government in 2015, introduced a ban on illegal bulls, bullocks and buffaloes. The Bombay High Court in January this year also struck down relevant sections of the Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act that prohibited possession of the meat.

The announcement to protect the holy Cows leads to a sudden rise in the numbers of cow vigilantes who claimed to be real patriots of India or say Hindutva. They consider themselves as the true guards of holy mothers and few fools call them cow vigilantes (who take law into their hands to penalize what they may perceive to be crime) rather than gau rakshaks. Since then extra-judicial killings and violence are occurring in the name of cow protection. Such murders aren’t surprising to the nation, 86% killed in cow-related violence since 2010 are Muslims, reported an IndiaSpend content analysis of the English media. The mayhem of the 2015 Dadri mob lynching in UP is still fresh in our minds, where mob of villagers late night attacked the house of a Muslim man and slew a 52-year-old Mohammad Akhlaq Saifi on the suspicion of slaughtering a stolen calf. The mob dragged the entire family outside the house and repeatedly kicked and stabbed Akhlaq son, Danish, who was left half-dead in the streets.

A report by IndiaSpend also reveals that about more than half (56%) attacks were based on rumors. These vigilantes have not only killed people but also gang-raped women. In an appalling incident in August 2016, in Mewat, Haryana, a woman and her 14-year-old minor cousin were allegedly gang-raped after being accused of eating beef. Their two other relatives were murdered. Later when the case was registered in the Police station, it was verified that the victim family didn’t consume beef meat. Four men were arrested and charged with rape and murder. What even if they had consumed beef? Does it give authority to these vigilantes to demonstrate their double-standard patriotism by raping a woman? By a few so called protectionists, this can be easily justified in a quip that they provide protection to our holy cattle (Gau Mata) and the rules and laws made by these gau rakshaks are of course above the decrees mentioned in our Indian Constitution.


A few months ago, a phd scholar in IIT, Madras, was attacked in the vegetarian mess, allegedly for beef eating. Pehlu Khan and Junaid (a minor Muslim boy) were beaten to death by Cow vigilantes. According to the witnesses, these Gaurakshaks (Predators) termed victims (Prey) as “anti-nationals” and “beef eaters”, and taunted them with terms such as “mulla” or even asked them to loudly shout “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”.

These killings of men and women taking us back to the Independence movement where the nation was provoked by the zealotry and religious politics. Even these Gaurakshaks who said to be followers of Gandhi are seemed to be ignorants of the fact that Mahatma Gandhi himself opposed killing of Cows but he also asserted that he would not kill a human being for a protection of Cow. He also said “Cow slaughter can never be stopped by law. Knowledge, education, and the spirit of kindliness towards her alone can put an end to it.”

By quoting such lines here, I’m not agreeing to Cows killing even, why only Cows I strictly oppose the killing of any beast for meat such as goats and hens because if it is about giving us something back, the way cow does then these two equally deserve protection like their Cow mate.

Therefore, before it gets too late we need to understand, slaughter of men in the name of Cows threatens to hack the soul of diverse India and there is an urgent need to stand for its very soul.


Calf born with human-like face in UP, hailed as avatar of Lord Vishnu!

The calf was born in an animal shelter in UP’s Muzaffarnagar, but died within an hour.

In between the controversy over beef ban and cow slaughter, a strange video of a baby cow that was born with human-like face has received much attention on social media sites. A calf was born on 1 June, in the village of Pachenda, Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh with the eyes, nose and ears that resemble that of a human, while the lower part of its body had features of a cow.


Unfortunately, this newborn calf died shortly after the birth and later the villagers kept calf’s carcass in a glass case for display as locals came to receive her blessings. The worshipping of cow is quite common in India but worshipping a dead calf to whom locals have hailed as an incarnation of Hindu god Lord Vishnu- Gokaran, is something extremely unusual. It is believed that ‘Gokaran’ is supposed to be born as a rescuer when the amount of sinners and sin increase on the earth.

The deformed calf was kept in a glass display, showered with flowers and garland around its neck. In India as cow is considered sacred, the locals are comparing the calf with a similar character mentioned in the Bhagavata Puran, a hindu religious text. After its cremation, the villagers are now also planning to build a temple to pay reverence to the dead calf.


Raja Bhaiya Mishra, 55, the manager of the cow shelter, reported to media, ‘It’s a miracle that the calf was born in this shelter. Thousands of people have been here to see it. We will be cremating him in three days, and a temple will be built for him. This avatar has most definitely created a devotion feeling amongst the people.’

According to Daily Mail, the mother of dead calf was rescued six months ago from a butcher and was given the shelter before she felt pregnant.


However, animal health experts have a different view on its birth. Dr Ajay Deshmukh, senior veterinary doctor, at Wildlife SOS, in India, said: ‘This is a case of an anatomical anomaly. If a gene didn’t develop properly or there was a fault, it causes multiple structural deformities, and such anomalies happen. It has got only scientific reasons and explanations, there’s no superstition here.’

So, the creature was not a miracle, but rather a victim of birth defects.